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A Divisonal paintball team, with a massive group of "supporters". Hostile Kids, or HK, has never truely done anything special in the world of paintball. Nor, are they a dominating team.

To sum it all up, the HK comunity is either an HK supporter or they hate HK.
"HK, or Hostile Kids, is the Ambercrombie, and Hollister of paintball. Only Fags wear it."
by Malicious Intentionz March 30, 2008
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Basically the gayest thing in the paintball world known today, people that wear HK are usually considered tools and are shunned for it. Kids that wear HK suck and are just trying to fit in.

In some fields people will be sporting headband which state H GAY army, and is completely cool.
Dude did you see that Hostile kids headband that kid was wearing.

Ya what a fag
by Meantexanguy August 05, 2009
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