The intentional misspelling of the word “kids” often used by corporations in the attempt to appear cool so that they may appeal to a younger demographic
Corporation: “Ayo ya cool Kidz let’s get diggy with it epic may-mays haha epic dub

The entirety of the human race: Shut the fuck up
by Corporations June 9, 2020
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An intentional mispelling of kids that marketers think will help convince parents to buy useless shit for their offspring.
Hey kidz! Check out the new Britaany Spears album!!!!
by w00tw00t April 6, 2003
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engaged or married couple that are addicted to bluez.
Have you seen the kidz? Why are they wah? They out of bluez again?
by im their father February 25, 2009
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1.friends or people
2. when used with party, aka party kidz, means ravers
"what are you kids up to today?"
"there aren't many party kidz where i live.."
by jilldo December 27, 2003
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an underground hip-hop group, consisting of Rob C and Dez, known for recording hit singles "Ice Cold", "Nikes", "Heard of You", and many others
"You claimin' you the biz? We ain't heard of you. Say you better than The Kidz? We ain't heard of you." - The Kidz
by The Kidz Online March 6, 2008
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Videos that are funny as hell like from ridiculousness.
by BigWill80 June 22, 2019
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Kidz Bop

A horrible CD filled with overplayed songs sung by children who are all on ritalin. Their "videos" consist of them running around laughing and dancing, while singing. In short, a pedophile's wet dream.
What most of the people who buy kidz bop don't realize is that these songs are so overplayed that anyone could hear them on the radio, sung by the original singers, for free. Stop giving these people money.
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