Agge - Someone who likes experimenting with different things to masturbate with.
-Eww, I just caught my boyfriend masturbaiting with a pancake!
-Lol, that sounds like a Agge to me!

-Darling! I just walked in on our son sticking his penis into an apple, what should we do!?
-Ha Ha Ha, Don't worry Honey he's just hitting puberty. Being a Agge is totally normal at this age!
by Littlekidlover69 February 11, 2015
"Agg" derived from the word "aggro" from the skaters and surfers of SoCal meets it's roots at the World Famous SC Village. As the infamous team Hostile Kid's popularity grew, so did the usage of the word agg. It is now a widespread term used by all paintballers at least once.

Agg simply means cool. But in reality it means much more, agg is more than cool. Agg is not just how players dress or stand behind their bunker, it's also an attitude they bring to the field. A perfect example of this is Kenny Rosenberg (former Legacy now HK player) he brings not only fashion sense, but a magnetic attitude onto the field.

Some players dislike HK/Agg because of it's "overusage" or "poser fan following". Regardless, it is a word that will forever represent this era of paintballers.
Steve Quan is hella agg!
by Adam O'Neal June 21, 2006
A paintball term believed to be started by the team/group Hostile Kids (starters of HK army). Refers to being cool, in an unexplainable agg way. Agg isnt cool agg is agg. It is cooler than cool. They way you play can boost your agg status aswell. ex. your stance, composure and the way you shoot.
bandanas are agg. so are sandanas. camo accesories. more information about agg and being agg and the HK army.
by Pat Carroll March 1, 2005
Asian Gamer Girl
The most precious possible resource on Earth, the target of the infinite horniness of ten billion gamer boys.
"Hey, you hear that Brandon was hitting on some freshies?"
"Yeah, he's a total NAF. They're all aggs too."
by Drangus69 October 2, 2019
If someone is annoying also known as Aggravating a term just to tell someone if they say something foolish or trying to be funny or sarcastic
Jade: Your Fly as hell I see you.

by Your_Lovexoxo April 1, 2011
"cool" or maybe something in style, usually referring to paintball players, in which use the word to describe things. Sometimes it is associate with the Hostile Kidz "HK army" members who tend to use the word alot.
That WAS/ACE'd Speed is so agg.
by Tilterskilter, biatch July 23, 2004