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Delsym is a brand of over-the-counter (OTC) cough relief products containing the active ingredient Dextromethorphan, an NMDA-receptor based cough suppressant. It is sometimes used recreationally for its dissociative and slightly psychedelic effects. It differs from other OTC cough relief products containing Dextromethorphan (usually as the hydrobromide salt) in using a time-release formula, Dextromethorphan polistirex, which provides relief for up to a claimed 12 hours.

I would like to make this occasion to provide a comment on what is currently the number one entry for Delsym, whether or not it gets published or voted up or whatever it is that gets done to things on this stupid website:

why is this shitload of misinformation the #1 entry? most maximum strength cough syrups have roughly 354mg of DXM in them, including Delsym 12. it has 30mg per 5mL volume, and a typical bottle is 4–6 fl oz (6 fl oz -> 177mL).

Delsym 12 is very arguably the "best" syrup to get "fucked up on." it is actually a time-release formula which may or not be preferable depending upon your intentions. it may be conducive to a longer "trip," but in some this is not desired, and it also may reduce the overall intensity of the effects, as a trade-off.

there is no difference in ingredients between ANY bottle of Delsym—the only difference is in volume and dosage information. all Delsym 12 products contain, in 5mL volume, Dextromethorphan polistirex (30mg Dextromethorphan hydrobromide equivalent).

it is not good advice to suppress your body's request for vomiting. in many people, puking is actually resultant in a "harder trip." it is also nearly impossible, in my personal experience with this drug, to keep oneself from vomiting at any rate; just you try it (some may have a higher sensitivity than others).

the drug is absolutely not, or has not been proven to be, physically addictive. it can be psychologically addictive in certain persons, indeed, but this distinction needs be made. I have not taken PCP, so I cannot compare, but PCP is, I know, a much harder drug, and from the accounts of experienced drug users, and particularly those experienced with dissociatives, it would appear that PCP is a much, much stronger drug (per mass) than Dextromethorphan in any form; the effects also do not seem to be incredibly comparable with PCP. it is, however, possible for DXM to register on a PCP drug test, since the two are closely related, chemically.

I would agree with the imploration against eating before experimenting with DXM, as well. not only will this, in many cases, prevent the drug from coming on as hard, but it can also make you really, really sick, if you take DXM on a full stomach; this is not a good idea at all, and it is not much fun (I can assure you).

side note: "actual drug?" haha. that definition was almost certainly written by a fucking 11 year old. this site is fucking retarded; it won't even allow me to post comments longer than 300 characters on definitions. what the _FUCK_ can I say in 300 characters? if I cannot in the next five minutes delete my account, please, someone, have my account deleted for me.

I would also like to add that, upon attempting to post this definition, the shitty, intrusive, and retarded "confirmation" e-mail sent by your horribly misconfigured mail servers was blocked by my erstwhile properly configured Postfix implementation, which I had to modify just for the sake of disseminating informed materials in the pursuit of combating stupidity. fuck you.
I have a cough, and it's totally driving me crazy. I am going to get some medicine to use for myself so that I will stop having said cough. Perhaps I will buy Delsym 12 cough syrup to achieve this end.
by areallyrealperson November 15, 2008
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Commonly abused cough medicine. Chosen for the large concentration of DXM polisterex in each dosage. DXM polisterex is a longer lasting form of DXM HBr which is found in most OTC cough medicines. Because of its longer lasting nature, recreational use may result in a daze that lasts from 24 hours to up to three days.
Known as "Agent Orange" for its orange color. Also known as "Company D" in an illusion to the down syndrome dance group that shares the same name, because of the strange way which one moves when abusing Delsym.
So what'd you do last weekend?
Man, I picked up a 5 oz of agent orange (delsym) and played two games of billiards with a rabbit. He won the first, but I got him in the second.

Alright, we've got 2 jugs of caribou lou, an oz of dank, 20 oz of company d (Delsym), and a dozen rolls. Let's call some bitches and have a party.
by Craizy Chris May 05, 2007
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A cough medicine which will fuck you up.. you think acid and other drugs are they shit.. im takin it you havent tried DELSYM. Delsym makes you see crazy things and you WILL have Bizzare sensations. This drug is VERY addicting. This will be the biggest trip of your life. Its UNEXPLAINABLE!!! everything you do when you are on delsym seems perfect. Nothing goes wrong. I LOVE DELSYM!
one time i was scrunching to the ground and walking and i thought i was a midget. everything seemed so perfect.

another time a hellicopter went by and the louder it got the more it fucked with me and after it went away i was like "delsym moment"

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The best cough medication in the world, I say this because it is the only U.S. cought syrup that contains nothing but DXM (dextromethorphan) I like to drink about 8 ounces of delsym.
also it is slow release so you are fucked up longer, but need more milligrams of dxm.
trip on the triple C's?! only if you like anxiety and a scary terrible trip experience.
by luvthedrugs November 02, 2004
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Delsym is arguably the greatest over the counter cough syrup to get fucked up on. it contains high levels of Dextromethorphan, or DXM. DXM has been known to alter the function of a human mind. there are two bottle sizes of Delsym, the only difference is the dosage information and the volume. When you down a small sized bottle, you get a sort of "everything in life is perfect" kind of fucked up. when you down the large sized bottle of Delsym, you have a major trip, hallucinations and all. Long story short, with the little bottle, you see the dragons, with the big bottle, YOU ARE THE DRAGONS. you might get addicted to it if you try it, so definitely use the small on your first try, if at all. you might never waste money on acid again, but need some really good weed to not go insane. you should always have a babytripper in close proximity when fucked up. also, avoid vomiting at all costs.
1. I hope you don't vomit, you just got fucked up on a little bottle of Delsym.
by stonerking11 April 18, 2010
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