The most perfect soul,possessed with smarts, beauty and love, the person of optimum respect and highest kind of fairy ever placed in hierarchy.
by rexvizzer February 7, 2019
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A sexual maneuver that begins with the female laying on her back fellating her partner, who is straddling or hovering over her face. As he builds towards climax, he places his weight-supporting hand on the pilllow above her head so his forearm is gently but firmly pinning her forehead in place. Here's where timing is important: right when he's ready to explode, he pulls his unit out of her mouth and shoves the tip against her nostril, giving a stroke or two if needed, so that he shoots his load right up her nose.
Not recommended for married men, or anyone who respects or wants to keep his current sex partner.
I gave Lisa the Afrin last night, and it took her half a box of tissues to clear my pearl jam out of her sinuses!!!
by GWGorillaBear February 1, 2011
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the most peng leng cheng person ever and she’s so tall and she’s such a comedian
wow afrin is so cool and she’s way taller than maisha
by yeyeyecool June 26, 2020
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When your woman complains that she doesn't want to have sex because she has a cold and a stopped up nose. When she falls asleep, you put 4 sprays of Afrin on your penis and then shove it up her nose. It will scare the snot out of her, literally. The Afrin will also numb your penis, allowing you to finish in the other nostril.
Johnny wanted to help his woman get a clear nose. So he promptly performed the afrin maneuver.
by Steven the Man May 9, 2008
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Whilst being fellated, the urethra is shoved rudely, upon the denouement, into the nostril of the fellator and ejaculated into.
"You get lucky with that drunk girl from the bar last night?"
"Sort of? She was blowing me down in the parking lot, but her head game was straight garbage. So, I stuck the tip in her nose and gave that goofy bitch a nasty afrin when I finally nutted."
"You should be in jail for coming up with that shit..."
by Raoul Duke, Dr. Of Journalism January 22, 2021
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Shalet afrin is a person who is very romantic many boys cling on to her,but her love is true on only one boy.she is a very matured guy and loves music
Shalet afrin, oh is it you! You look so hot
by Srinivasan 007 November 24, 2021
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the one who doesn't give a fuck about anything. she acts as if she owns the world
afrin don't really give fuck about the rumors going on about her
by shawtie1234 November 22, 2021
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