To have had a woman, in most cases, perform fellatio on your genital region.

a blowjob of the past tense

primarily used in Northern New Jersey.

(pronounced: fellashed)
>> Where the hell were you all night??

> Getting fellated by that sloppy bitch over there"

>> oh, well done.
by frankie drama December 17, 2008
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When any number of people are related (fellated) by means of the act of fellatio, be it directly or vicariously through one female fellating several males. Both females and males can be fellated, by having blown the same guy, having recieved from the same girl, or blow brothers, who have each received from the same female. No male on male action allowed
Susan:So whats our fellationship?
Steve: Well you gave Jim dome, and he got dome from my girlfriend, you tell me.
Susan: Ohh so we are fellated. I'm your step sister of sorts because I blew Jim who was blown by Lucy, meaning I've blown you by means of a substitute
Steve: We can change that right now... (unzips knickers to receive sloppy dome session followed by gratuitous money shot on Susans face)
by Boners Mcgee February 14, 2008
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I wouldn't date Sarah, but I wouldn't mind having fellations with her.
by bjh60 November 21, 2008
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(adjective) The act of performing Fellatio.
“Last week Fat Peter and Jean-Coq had a touch too much Manischewitz and began fellating one another. They have been BFFs every since.”
by HarryPro January 06, 2019
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One who dabbles in the art of fellatio...and LOVES it.
- Dude, I was giving this guy the most bomb ass dome last night!
- Tell me why you are the biggest damn fellator?
by Easy DZ September 18, 2005
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