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Metro Early College High School is a small, intellectually vibrant public school option open to 9th through 12th graders in Franklin County. Focused on the STEM schooling system, which are science, technology, engineering and mathematics related. At metro, you're promised to get a great education and perfect future. The school is filled with whiners, geniuses, Asians, idiots, virgins, lazy bums and horrible daters. Apparently everyone is surprised that they are nerds. Freshmen are the worst.
Annoying Parent: So how are you liking Metro High School? I want to send my daughter there.

Lying Student: It's fun. Can I go now?

Friend: Did you like move or something? I never get to hang out with you

Metro Student: No, I go to Metro High School.... no free time, ever.
by Let's Save America! February 17, 2009
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I passed my test! Thanks to the Clock Method
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Metro High school is a stem based school that manly focuses on 4 things... math, science, reading, and history. There is this thing called "remediation." teachers say its a way to help but all you do is really do all of it again. Now the dress code. is really sexiest because we boys have to wear the most uncomfortable things

while girls could wear whatever they want.(not really though.) Everyone are nerds and cringe meme kids, no surprise there.
in the second semester...
Kid: can I leave metro high school?
Parent: HELL NO!
Kid: when was the last time I had fun? wait whats the meaning of life again?
Kid: Why am I counting done the days till I bomb the exams while everyone is counting down till the days of winter break?!
by 12345que December 11, 2017
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A STEM school in central Ohio that is not shadiya in the least bit. Students procrastinate, and in independent study nothing ever gets accomplished.
"I go to Metro High School. We NEVER do anything fun. EVER.
by macpersonuserawesome February 22, 2010
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Popular Central Ohio innovative STEM school, aimed mostly at early college graduation. The school's mascot is the famed Fire Hydrant, the most intimidating mascot in Ohio.
Hey do you go to Metro High School?

Yeah, I heard that's a place where the J-Cult resides.
by FirstAmendmentMHS March 06, 2010
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