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a term to describe a song or or other work that is of high quality or esteem. a derivative of the term "fire".
person 1: "Did you hear that new SZA song?"
person 2: "no, is it good?"
person 1: "oh yeah, it's a heater bro"
by hotdad October 7, 2020
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Don't show this to your parents
Yeah, all of the songs on the new Drake album are Explicit so it has the Parental Advisory sticker; which means I will not show this to my parents.
by hotdad October 14, 2015
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1. the energy given off by men when they do stereotypical dad things
2. the sexy energy given off by dads when they go above and beyond the normal responsibility of being a father/ husband or doing kind things for their wife or kids
3. energy given off by kind, handsome and/or well off men between the ages of 30-65 or however old Pierce Brosnan is
4. energy given off by clothes that seem like they could be worn by a dad or a hot dad
1. look at that man mowing his lawn in his jorts, that's some big dad energy right there.
2. Wow do you see that guy going on a date with his daughter? That's some big dad energy.
3. My boss is a very handsome man and loves his family, he definitely has a lot of big dad energy.
4. Tighty whities have a lot of big dad energy.
by hotdad November 17, 2019
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