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A word describing someone who looks for that extra something out of life; who is never happy with the standard or normal and always wants to explore a little further. An adventurous person tends to take risks and push the limits of methods or ideas that are considered acceptable as the norm among unadventurous people.
Unadventurous boy: “What cereal did you get?”
Adventurous girl: “I’ve got Cocoa Puffs on the bottom and Lucky Charms on top”
Unadventurous boy: “OMG that’s so adventurous, I could never be that adventurous”

Unadventurous man: “Dude, it’s a cul-de-sac, we can’t get through this way”
Adventurous man: “So, let’s take a look down there anyway, you never know”
by ispacehog July 19, 2013
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A word describing a person who likes to have a good time. This person is not necessarily a bad person, just lives in the moment and is looking for a good time. Many people may confuse their "adventurous" actions as slutty or whore-ish.
The two girls were very adventurous last night when they went to the hotel room with the two guys from Connecticut.
by hotel611 July 31, 2010
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Someone who enjoys spending large amounts of money to travel and proclaims that he/she is adventurous. This particular person would spend large amounts of money to lodge, eat, drink, and travel. He/She tends to be very anti-social, has no friends, and is very short-tempered.
Meredith, I'll definitely consider that. I'm trying to find someone to join me on another go to the airport and look at the departure board adventure, but it's always hard to find people that adventurous. If I don't find anyone I'll definitely hit up LA. - Mike Koppe
by Sean Kruger May 18, 2010
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