Acronym for:
Alcohol Deficiency Syndrome

The lacking of alcohol in your system.
Dude I'm suffering from ADS here, when is the EDT.

There is no way I am touching that dance floor while I'm suffering ADS.
by Rob March 27, 2005
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ADS stands for Alcohol & Drug Services.
ADS is a bullshit program where they send teenagers who get caught smoking pot or drinking. During treatment they administer random urine screens and breathalyzers. There are three phases, phase one is drug education and it lasts for five weeks, phase two can be anywhere from 3-9 months long and they will keep you in this phase for as long as possible and ask you a bunch of pointless questions that you'll probably bullshit beacuse all you want to do is move onto phase three so you can be reassured that you'll be able smoke again within the next 4-6 weeks.(I only know of this program in the Northern Virginia area.)
"Man, I can't wait to get out of ADS so I can toke everyday again."
by candice D May 14, 2005
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When an annoying motherfucker starts to talk shit, and it creates a toomer-like headache.
I was going down on these two bitches when my ADS started flaring up, so I had them make me sandwiches to make me feel better!
by StickyTits.Jizz May 29, 2011
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Bitchtrolling signs that tempts you to break everything and every technology.
You: *jacking off* "fuck you ads!" *hard on dies and life*
by GirlGamerPride January 09, 2016
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advertisment that is annoyin as fuck
by hersi November 29, 2015
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Ads (short for advertisements) are horrible creations, normally trying to sell you something. Ads can be found on the internet or when your watching TV.
via giphy
by spongeboblover101 May 26, 2018
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1) An efficient way to get people from any type of platform or in real life dimension to hate/dislike you.

2) An inefficient way to get your grandma's old car sold.

3) Overpriced trash.
Me: *is watching some YouTube*
Ads: Allow us to introduce ourselves.
by Littlewood32 April 26, 2021
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