an acronym for Asian Driver Syndrome. The stereotype that asians drive badly
Ohh man, that guy nearly ran me over. He has some really strong ADS going on!
by YAREMAMAN May 20, 2010
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It is a thing you can write if you are angry
FUCK - types ads
by Ass_Hole_man August 03, 2003
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Standing for All Dem Shits, a crew out of Teaneck, NJ who throw the biggest parties and smoke ridiculous amounts of weed. First started as a freestlye crew.
" Damn dude ADS parties crazy i wanna be in that crew"

"ADS in ya face muthfuckas!"
by Sec$ May 01, 2009
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Also know as Ashy Dick Syndrome is when a person of the male gender doesn't have sex for so long that the skin on his dick is dry and flaky
Joshua hasn't had sex in forever must have that ADS too!
by VCUSlumpCam February 13, 2014
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This acronym is most commonly described as these two things

1. this is an acronym "Aim Down Sight".
Most likely to be used in a first or sometimes 3rd person shooter. If you play on console the most typical way to Aim Down Sight is to hold the Left trigger button. On PC it's usually done by Left clicking and holding it down.

2. The other acronym is "Accidental Dick Suck" which in theory sounds like it would never happen. But sometimes shit happens. This is most commonly used by hoes that are trying not to be hoeish.
Person 1:"Bro you would have killed him if you ADSed
Person 2:"Yeah but I didnt see him comeing and didn't have time to react

Hoe 1: "Yo I didn't mean to Suck off Steve I ADSed I swear!"
Person 2: "How the hell does that even happen??"
by That messedup September 27, 2018
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Annoying cheapskates who want you to buy something that is overly expensive and then gets all extra for you to buy two with free shipping that nobody cares about. Also short for advertisements
God! These ads are annoying!
via giphy
by YNW I’m Bored July 01, 2017
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