ADS: Arrogant Douchebag Syndrome. Common disease for tools. People with ADS may not know they have it. Common symptoms of ADS: arrogance, douche, doesnt give a hoot, cocky, sly. ADS usually leads to seclusion from people and can lead to paralysis and even death.
Alex has a horrible case of ADS. He is on thin ice, someone should tell him to stop.
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What ruins the Internet. This is why people have graced us with AdBlock Plus.
Basically,ads are the bane of our existance.
by Pitchy April 07, 2015
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You” I like ads
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by codenamedoIphin November 18, 2020
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Ads are the worst. some say they are the life sucking beast that live in youtube vids, others say they are the making of the devil himself, and i just think there anoying
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by new guy 101 December 03, 2018
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Absolute Dick Syndrome.

A problem that only applies to the male species usually in the teenage years, passes with gaining of maturity, and common sense.

Symptoms include:
Treating women badly
Making sexist and stupidly inappropriate jokes
Lots of references to size of his and others penises

And behaving like he believes that he is king of the world and gods gift to women.

WARNING: Treatment has not yet been discovered so don't bother the hospitals, the is nothing you can do for now.
Sarah: What the hell is wrong with Matt
Jane: He's got ADS

Sam to friends: I screwed her so hard she's walking strange!
Nicole: Call an ambulance, we have a serious case of ADS
by Ne195b December 11, 2011
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ADS stands for the top three party favourites: Alcohol, Drugs and Smokes.

This means drinking, doing weed (or anything else drug related like, however usually marijuana/weed) and smoking normal cigarettes/cigars/cigarillos.

Can be a verb or noun.
Man 1: Dude, i was ADS'ing so hardcore last night.
Man 2: Same dude, it was a killer night!

Girl 1: Are you up for ADS?
Girl 2: Sure sounds like a good time!
by PartyGurl23 August 17, 2011
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