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Adiel is the most incredible person you will ever be lucky enough to meet. One of the greatest people alive. Adiel is a unisex name. They are usually quiet and serious because they worry to goddamn much. But they can suddenly become this chatty bubbly hilarious person. If they are being quiet they are usually just worrying about finals or planning out their schedule for the rest of the day. Adiels are always super successful in life. They love cardio - the feeling after cardio actually. They love food and they love carrying deep conversations with people. Adiels are usually the people who in 6th grade no one knew but by 9th the whole school knew them as being nice and funny. That is except for their close friends, their close friends know them as being savage and straight-forward. Adiel is someone who understands how to act around different people, they take other peoples thoughts into mind. Adiels are the person everyone has some sort of crush on but never tells Adiel because they know that they would get friend-zoned quick and in 3 minutes everyone in a 5 mile radius will figure out.
P1"Dude, I feel like I have a crush on Adiel."
P2"Maybe if you are a CEO with an amazing personality and a dog, then you might have a chance."
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by aswertyh November 19, 2017
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has a good personality and has a big dick and can take anyone bitch

and can play who ever they want in a relationship
keep you girl away from adiel
by adi1223 March 29, 2017
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Adiel is a midget but still beat your ass if you mess with him/her. Adiel is a unisex name but don't let that distract you. Adiel's can be shy and quiet until you really get to know them. Adiel's are known for being funny with a great personality.
Person 1: Why is Adiel so shy
Person 2: Just wait until you really know them
by lianhernadezballislife May 29, 2018
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A guy who seems sweet and down to earth at the beginning but turns into a completely asshole after a couple weeks. Super controlling and has anger issues. If you meet one, STAY AWAY from one . Best to keep it at homies.
"Oh no, don't like adiel."

"Adiel's such an asshole."
by Adielsucks June 19, 2016
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