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To open communication with someone out of the blue, usually with a phone call, and usually an ex. This is sometimes associated with feelings of guilt or curiosity.
Friend: "I've been thinking a lot about Mike lately, do you think I should text him?"
Me: "No girl, you don't need to a Adele him, it's been 2 years!"
by haveanicetripseeyounexttuesday January 05, 2016
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Referring to the pop star Adele; a female who can't get over her ex or some other guy who has rejected her well past the point of it making sense anymore.
Person 1: Why is she still crying over him? They broke up four years ago and he has a family now..

Person 2: I know! What an Adele!
by xXhatersgonhateXx October 29, 2011
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1) A girl that is two faced.

2) A girl that will judge you for no reason, even if she has never met you and has never gotten to know you.

3) A girl that will be nice to you only when other people are around.

4) A girl that is a total bitch and has no nice feelings for anyone other than herself.
"I thought she was nice, but Adele turned out to be a scandalous bitch!"
by reapingjustice April 18, 2010
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Very impulsive, Likes to wank, Gets aroused by the arts such as; Music, Painting and Drawing. Usually an extrovert and likes sushi.
girl: she needs to get her nose out of those books, or else her eyes will fall out...
guy: i think shes pretty damnzablez
girl: maybe you'll find one in paris
by MIKEHAWK69 August 16, 2008
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The act of putting one finger in a girls pussy and the other in her bum and feeling your fingers through the little wall.
Friend: how was last night?
You: I said hello from the other side
Friend: what?
You: ya know I gave her the Adele
by RenogadeParade October 14, 2017
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Three-fingered sloth / cat hybrid. Has an avid love for carrots and drools acid when annoyed, angered, sleepy, excited, aroused or bored.
I have an Adele sticking to my leg.
by Starfyre May 06, 2005
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