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Adele's are the bestest friends in the WORLD!!!

They usually have light brown hair and brown eyes. They are always weird and love to laugh. They are fit and are into dance and they are the prettiest little person in the world!

They also have a strange addiction to penguins...?

They always understand your love of musicals and memes and are extremely fashionable.

They are hunk magnets (he he just kidding...) Nah they have a great taste in guys and can sniff out if your bf or gf is a keeper.

But they are always there to support you!

If you know an Adele make sure you love them like a baby cat and make sure you make as many inside jokes as possible!!

Luv ya penguin ^-^
Girl 1: Ugh that must be an Adele they are so cool...
Girl 2: Omg she is so cute!
Guy 1: Damnnnnn that Adele is smokin' hawt!!!
Guy 2: Yeaaaaaaa BOI!
Penguin 1: I found my mother! *tears of joy*
by That_lil'_child~ August 15, 2017
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A great hunk-of-spunk
Kath: oh i like what eye see
Kel: Well welcome back you...
*leans in for a original Kath and Kel kiss*

Kim: Oi mum can you do it somewhere else!
by That_lil'_child~ September 12, 2017
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Ummmmm now how to describe an Elliot hm... I suppose weird in a really good way. But make sure you never take off their glasses otherwise their face will be naked and we don't want that to happen.

They usually have really really curly hair! And they really like disney songs.
They secretly have a giant crush on an art supply. (WHICH I FULLY SHIP!!!)

Elliot's are just amazing! Amazing friends, amazing dancers *wink wink* and really good at biting people!

They get married sometimes and get good deals at orphanages to adopt children. Offers such as- Buy 1 get 1 free!

If you meet an Elliot make sure you tie them up on a leash otherwise you could accidentally lose them at the shops.

You are just a sick lad Murray! :)
Girl1: Damn that chick over there really bites back!
Girl2: That's an Elliot for you
Dog1: Oh no!!! My Elliot has run off what am i meant to do?!?!
Elliot1: I don't know why I love art so much...
Elliot2: I just think you just really like working with clay... ^^I mean cli-
Elliot1: Shut up...
by That_lil'_child~ September 11, 2017
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