ad-die add-dee -noun. Death for all mechanical devices or apparatuses she happens to come into contact with.
Christ... when you smashed that cd player with a hammer after lighting it on fire and simultaneously pouring acid all over it, you sure were like an Addie to it.
by Dan Swall May 13, 2007
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acts gay around the homies, very sexy, makes out with friends, probably a sociopathic scorpio
Addie, stop making out with me under the teacher’ desk!!
by somebody333 October 30, 2019
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If your name is Addie then you are an amazing person! You probably are a hoe but that’s ok! You usually fall for boys with the first letter J. You are very basic but unique the in same way. You have a big heart, and every boy wants to hook up with you. You are not dumb but not smart, and you have a lot of friends. So if your name is Addie... you are a g
Guy #1: Holy shit here comes Addie! She is so hot.
Guy #2: Sorry bro she falls in love with J’s
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Is a beautiful girl, but doesn't believe it herself. She’s shy around new people, but around her friends she is a wild and loud friend. Addie has dark brown hair and brown eyes, and is into gymnastics or dance. She can often be witty and sarcastic, with an inappropriate sense of humor, but that’s what makes her funny. Overall, Addie is just a great person to be friends with.
Stranger: “You know that girl, Addie? She’s so quiet!”
Friend: “Not really, she’s just shy in front of people, but is actually very outgoing!”
by m0ragami April 23, 2019
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a sophomore girl who shows off and steals people's boots.
"Hey, look, it's the sophomore."
"Oh, you mean Addie?"
"She has a name?"
by emptyycanvas January 05, 2012
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A fake ass bitch who mistreats her boyfriends and Is very disrespectful to her parents
Ew it’s Addie I heard she cheated on her boyfriend 😭
by Ifuckedyomom69420 March 16, 2020
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to addie, to study as hard as you can to pass a test, to study so much you have no time for anything else.
Person 1: "I have to Addie all night for my test tomorrow."
Person 2: "You need to study that much huh"
Person 1: "Yes Chem 2 is horrible"
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by Chase Dinkleberg February 19, 2017
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