This is some baller slang standing for Jordan’s which references the shoe brand.
by Yer boye November 14, 2017
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Had talent, but wasted, cause he had tOo big of ego. Friendly good guy type, but afraid too really connect. waits on others, but waits too long. socially un sociable. manical, tyrincal. a star, best.
WTF happend to J J ?!
by fgr4 October 19, 2010
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a hand rolled smoking stick containing illegal substances but rolled by J to make it a J J
by nessawozere June 8, 2004
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This is when oral sex of the Fellatio nature is preform and the giver of this sexual act is lacking a substation percentage of his or her teeth and or their teeth are of inadequate size and therefore do not fill an adequate percentage of their mouth; therefore giving the sensation of a completely smooth blow job.

A j-j can also include twins stricken with the affliction above taking turns on receiver of this unique fellatio
Brad - "I totally got a J-J from that girl with no teeth"
by I<3PENGUINS December 16, 2010
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He who is but the beginning, the pioneer, the father of sorts to all the mayhem and destruction and pleasure that comes with the name “j”

j is the word, anyone else is guaranteed an imitation copy.

father J, white boy J, j, ol’ j, etc

j can be whatever you want him/her to be but j WILL STILL BREAK THE RULES AND HURT YOUR FEELINGS

you cannot delay the j
j is the first out of the 26, everything else is inferior yet due to his supposed humility, j chose to appear as the 10th which is poetic since he is a 10 (yet infinite)

j is the way

You cannot delay the j

Shelly left Robby because only j is bae

j is perfection disguised as anything that j chooses to manifest itself as

by Ribbitrunit November 5, 2022
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LITERALLY just J, the one and only. Internet famous kid who does questionable acts and versatile in his craft. Old J enjoys pursuing unknown pleasures and has no shortage of side bitches.

whatever j plans on doing can’t be good but it’s entertaining nonetheless. A true player


j is a “devil may care” type kid who’s main concern can vary but typically involves self serving before anyone else

j is the physical embodiment of bad vibes but makes up with it by his charming and interesting personality

j is a total fuckboi, beware the hair! Cuz he don’t care!

“All the girls wanna fuck wit J and it’s no question why” -the world

j is up to no good so it’s best to keep your distance
by GrungeNgo November 5, 2022
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