-*a little dog with lotsa hair that gets in fights with bigger dogs and its sad cuz she doesnt know shes small... ): .... poor addie....*
erica: omg addies fightin that dog!
erica: shes gonna die!
me: no she wont
erica: look!
me: oh... crap....
by -Lizard December 19, 2005
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Addie is a girl who is so outgoing, smart, kind, nice, amazing, and straight up gorgeous. She never fails to make anyone laugh. She is the definition of a dream girl. She might just be the kindest soul that ever lived. She never gives up and strives to accomplish her dreams not matter the cost. She is always there for her friends when they need her. She also never gives up on them and cheers them on in everything they do. She wants nothing then to have someone love her. To answer your question yes she does have a boyfriend. He is so kind and nice to her everyday. He makes her crack up the same way she makes him crack up. They were meant for each other. If you date or like and Addie don't let her go EVER!
Guy : Addie is looking good today

Her boyfriend : hell yea she does and I am glad she is mine!
by thedumbblonde November 15, 2019
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wOOoOooOeeEeEEeeeEe is what i know!
Addie plays Pinnochio in the musical.
by a crackhead theatre kid February 08, 2020
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a really mean girl that has mental issues that she needs to workout
chic 1: she's a real addie
chic 2: o yea, she needs help
by thatonechic September 15, 2008
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a name that you could call a boy by the name of Addam, they have to be cute, nice, and dandy.
Addam: hey
girl : hey
girl: can u call u addie
Addam: sure but why
girl: cause a cute nickname for a cute guy
by :kinky: February 10, 2010
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A crazy girl who likes to have fingers in her hoo hah. She lies, leads guys on, and pushes her real friends away, and chooses sex over true relationship. Within the next 3 months she will be a known as a "cum dumpster". She also has been known to try to turn mutual friends against other friends. A real bitch.
"Hey bro, have you heard what that girl did this weekend? She's a total Addie.."

"Dude.. She really screwed me over! She's just like Addie!!"
by TexasLongBalls December 11, 2013
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Social outcast is hated by everyone, she looks like a dog turd.
Boy1 Wow is that Addie.
Boy2 Ye she ugly right.
Boy1 Dude lets leave before we die of shit.
by BigDaddyMuma January 31, 2019
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