A dumb bitch who only eats ass and pizza rolls

She likes to fuck shrek, but is having an affair with Kermit

Fun fact!! : in exactly 7 years she will get a tattoo that's reads the following, "Mike Wazowski's Little Slut"
Wow look! There's Addie eating ass again!
by ShreksCumDumster June 07, 2019
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A woman who is very Christian, she is very funny and loving. If you meet an Addie you want to be around her more and more. Typically she love to talk. She can always make you smile even when you don’t want to. Go find a ya an Addie she is an amazing person.
Addie is a very talkative person
by Redneckboy🤟🖕 March 12, 2018
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a person resembling a woodland creature; an extreme hip-hop dance move
squirrel; Did you see that girl do "the addie"?
by Possum_62 February 01, 2008
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An ugly beast that will terrorize any city it comes upon, usually a large giant with facial features that are gruesome and an Addie is commonly used as an attacker in fantasy worlds or stories.
Don't mess with an Addie it could get you killed!

An Addie was my report because of its gruesome origin! I'm scared of Addie!!
by AAAAhrun June 22, 2018
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A hot girl who is one of a kind and a great friend. She always keeps secrets and does not like meat but loves owls, doughnuts, and frogs. She usually has sandy blond hair and lacks in height but very smart.
Your as cool as Addie
by Ponyboy176 February 12, 2018
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An amazing outgoing person who is lovable. She is always thinks of others. She is feisty and stands up for herself and others. She is funny and will always make you laugh no matter what. She will be there for you if you will be there for here. She is spontaneous and shines bright like a f*ucking diamond
Person: Everyone wants to be more like Addie.

Other person: duh she’s the best
by Thisssss personnnnn April 26, 2019
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