A slang term for the amphetamine pill marketed as Adderall.
Yo man can you hook me up with some of those Addies?
by IEatBadgers August 25, 2003
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your favorite emo curly haired kiddo who has three fat cats. But you still love all of them more than her.
"Addie is pretty cool i guess but i mean have you seen her three cats!?"
by harper.h5 on snap kiddos April 11, 2019
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A very pretty girl with smooth flowing hair. She has a lot of friends and loves to gossip. This girl can not keep secrets, whether her own or someone else's. An Addie will fall in love very easily; just seeing someone she finds attractive can make her have a crush for a couple years. She plays a couple sports but isn't the star of any of the teams. An Addie will make amazing friend, even through her love of gossip.
Look at how beautiful that girl looks...What's her name?

Oh her, she's Addie.
by May-be May 31, 2015
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While quiet to some, Addie is the most exuberant person you will meet. She is shy and socially awkward around those she hardly knows, but the kind of girl you would love to have as your best friend. She’s always getting herself into hilarious uncomfortable situations . She is the most giving person ever, always being pressured to do things by her friends but doing it simply because she loves them. She is underappreciated when it comes to guys who overlook her amazing potential. Get you a friend like Addie. She can make you laugh so hard by just being herself.
1:“Oh my gosh you have to hear what Addie did today.”
2: “What awkward situation did she get into today?”
by Luckycharms January 15, 2019
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An amazing beautiful 17 year old girl who deserves to be respected by everyone and I love her
Guy 1:“Hey who’s that beautiful girl over there”
Guy 2:“Oh that’s addie
Guy 1:“Even her name sounds beautiful”
by Addies friends❤️ January 14, 2018
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A dumb bitch who only eats ass and pizza rolls

She likes to fuck shrek, but is having an affair with Kermit

Fun fact!! : in exactly 7 years she will get a tattoo that's reads the following, "Mike Wazowski's Little Slut"
Wow look! There's Addie eating ass again!
by ShreksCumDumster June 07, 2019
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