A slang word used by Youtuber and Big Brother winner Dan Gheesling and his circle of Youtuber friends. It is used as a synonym for any verb, adjective, or noun that involves either giving or taking something.
"Hey man can you acquiesce me that water bottle?"
"I'll acquiesce you the details later."
"So my son just acquiesced me the funniest question..."
by UsernameAlias November 2, 2017
To accept cautiously, with no argument. It’s also an Oasis song. It’s pretty good.
Camber acquiesced in the final decision.
by c0mplexher0 January 7, 2020
to accept;to give in without abjection
Did she acquiesce when you told her to get the books??
by Heather Sherrod September 24, 2006
A rather sesquipedalian or cocky way of calling someone a tool. The said acquiescent tends to be caught off-guard upon hearing they have been called an acquiescent, and thus, become even more so when they do not understand the meaning of the word in immediacy.
Foolish acquiescent--believing American Idol produces real, original singers.
by TheBat April 11, 2009
To rest satisfied, or apparently satisfied, or to rest without opposition and discontent (usually implying previous opposition or discontent); to accept or consent by silence or by omitting to object.
Tiger Woods was forced to acquiesce to his wife's demands after screwing every babe in a town with a golf course or else have her take him for all he was worth.


Boss: I have decided to remove all cubical walls in order to improve communication between co-workers
Employee: I'll acquiesce to your judgment oh great one...
by RGibson October 21, 2010
To enjoy a half-piece of chicken without wondering why or making the host feel weird.
Carrianne (thinking, while eating a piece of chicken that had clearly been cut in half by her host): Hmm... That's a new one, but I will acquiesce to this and enjoy what little chicken I did receive. Mmm. It's good!
by uostwiS r. dewoH July 16, 2009
person once dominant with strength and character and now is beaten down to the point of a runny nose he must now comply to survive
The once proud leader for life before the coup is now reduced to be emunctorily acquiescent or have his loved ones liquidated
by son of carlo November 25, 2009