The alignment angel of a wheel on a car. The angel from the top of the wheel to the bottom. If you have negative camber the top of the wheel is in (towards the car) If you have positive the bottom of the wheel is towards the car.
Yo! I just lowered my Civic check out the camber, because im a moron and don't know how to get my car aligned.
by Brandon/SATAN January 21, 2004
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a slight convexity (as of the surface of a road)
Have you ever noticed that the road to to your mother's house has a mean camber?
by Pakisdanny March 8, 2010
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A absolutely gorgeous girl. Always has a very open and kind heart for others. Dates a lot of people but could always settle for a serious relationship and comes off as a good girlfriend. She can be very bratty at times but always feels bad about it later. She often has a lot of guy best friends and one of the more ¨popular¨ girls at school. She has a very good since of humor. She could come off as a hoe but really is a kind person. A Camber usually is extremely very insecure and doesn't like her looks but tries to hide it very well. She can be very fun to be with. She usually enjoys shopping and being social. She has a very good body and looks and could get any guy. She usually has blue or brown eyes. I would love to be a camber!
wow that girl is hot dude. She probably has a boyfriend though. I would love to have a camber !
by emma barron March 2, 2019
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camber is the same as cumber but more disaparaging word ("grass")
Eat more carrots not this camber
by Andriusm March 6, 2008
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JDM Hellaflush wheel alignment, makes your car look like a hovercraft and handle like complete shit.
"Yo bro peep my hellaflush stance on the civic"
"You fucking idiot, thats too much negative camber"
by the gster09 July 3, 2013
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The most dumbest thing ever thought of in automotive engineering! Literally the worst idea ever. This is where you tilt the wheels on it's sides, destroying your tread and looking mentally challenged
"Dude have you seen Juans new car?"

-no what did he get?

"Don't worry about it, it has negative camber anyway"

-that's pretty queer
by Number Juan two March 27, 2014
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Mans is off camber meaning that a person is either pissed, high, flying or just generally smashed on either alcohol and drugs
Deep: What's wrong with you Luke?

Luke: Mans was out last night and got off camber innit.
by The Good Doctor Deep, Beaker December 23, 2011
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