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A word whose meaning embodies the same meaning of the term "epic" but considered by some to transcend the degree of epic.

Legendary: When epic doesn't cut it.
Dude 1: "That kill was so epic!"
Dude 2: "Epic? No...it was...legendary."
by TheBat April 11, 2009

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A rather sesquipedalian or cocky way of calling someone a tool. The said acquiescent tends to be caught off-guard upon hearing they have been called an acquiescent, and thus, become even more so when they do not understand the meaning of the word in immediacy.
Foolish acquiescent--believing American Idol produces real, original singers.
by TheBat April 11, 2009

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The only motorsport in which American cars are useful.
After losing the Le Mans, the Corvette team stripped their cars of the yellow and white livery and returned to the safety of the drag strip, where the complexities of turns cannot harm them. Drag racing is not a legitimate motorsport; it's simply a rudimentary form of NASCAR.
by TheBat April 09, 2009

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