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A pretty, blonde, kind girl who is very athletic and always tells it how it is. Acadias have very blue eyes. Can be awkward but that's what everyone loves about her. She non-intentionally flirts with boys, very innocent. School work isn't always the most important thing to Acadias. Always very creative and loves to draw small designs everywhere. (Acadias like tattoos and drawing on skin) Kisses with her eyes open.
Nerdy boy: Dude that Acadia is super awkward, but that what makes me like her.

Cool boy: Yeah Acadias kinda weird but chill

Acadia: What?
by Bobharlodjack September 06, 2013
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The great one. Responsible for Arranging and maintaining the fastest growing "Superficial" members gallery in the world. King of the one liners!
Wow, Acadia must have alot of time on his hands.

Yeah, but he uses it so well...
by Mrrick October 01, 2005
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Acadia is a smart geeky nerd. She has many friends and many hobbies. She likes to draw, sing but she cannot dance even if she tried. A very pretty woman usually with tan skin and big eyes. Is very discriminated because she is a beautiful weirdo. She mainly hangs out with dudes and they quickly catch feelings; Acadia always turns them down. She is friends with the popular kids but since she is not very athletic she goes back to her weirdos so she wont get made fun of.
β€œHey Acadia you ready to go play some video games?” β€œ wait a minute I have to let my nails dry.”
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by Dank Memes (RIP vine) April 22, 2019
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A very laid back gamer girl who is often daydreaming in class. Acadia's are often awkward and shy but extremely noisy in the halls when she's with her bestfriend. She loves horror movies and often wears dark baggy clothing because she's insecure. Acadia's absolutely love animals especially baby animals. Acadia's get along with everyone but only actually stick to one group of friends which are all funny weirdos. Acadia's love to skateboard and walk in the dark at 2am. Acadia's can't properly spell like.. at all lmao.
Johntheegirl: Acadia give back my fucking Takis
Acadia: no
by ajaisabanana September 19, 2019
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(thinks of something gross) you know what im not gonna say it Acadia
by COWBANDITO February 17, 2019
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