Sexual act of oral sex to a male soon after intercourse, where the female body fluids ad flavour and smell to the penis.
"I like to suck fish head"
by Haroldissxc April 7, 2008
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"Oy fish head, come here you prack"

by George Townsend December 24, 2003
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A fish head, eg Ben Lesson. A legendary character who has a head like a fish and enjoys slapping people with his flipper. Commonly uses such language as prack, and fuck off, or even a combination of the both fuck off you prack
I was walking along then geo went up and started to cut a chunk out of fish head, he turn round and bubbled "fuck off you prack"
by len bongstaff December 24, 2003
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Tennis shoes. Or so I'm told. I only heard one guy call them that back in 1974.
"Hey, dude, where'd ya get the fish heads?"
by Kim-bAAAAAAAAAAll!!! October 6, 2008
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