Severed head of a fish.

*cant play baseball
*dont wear sweaters
*not good dancers
*cant talk
*cant play drums
*Don't have to pay to get them in to movies.
*Never seen drinking capucchino in Italian resteraunts with oriental women.
Not frequently seen
Fish heads, fish heads
Rolly polly fish heads
Fish heads, fish heads
eat them up, yumm.

In the morning
laughing happy fish heads
in the eve-eh-ning
floating in the soup
by enjuneer November 07, 2003
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When a woman puts her juicy, wet pussy on the head of the man she just fucked.
After Robert gave Emily's pussy a sound thrashing, she flipped him onto his back and while jumping up to place her pussy on his face, she yelled "fish head".
by Crazy Diane October 15, 2017
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The motorcyclist crashed into the side of the bus after being distracted by two fishheads walking hand in hand along the row of storefronts.
by Pinball Mike October 27, 2006
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