Look at that melanated queen standing so beautiful in color.
by Blamant November 26, 2016
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Melane; a sweet, caring, beautiful girl. She is usually olive skinned and has natural colored eyes. She always knows how to have a laugh and is a super fun person to be around.
“ do you see that girl? She definitely looks like a Melane ! ”
by Pixelslol March 28, 2016
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a word the has united to people that love each other very much and together they are inseperable
by Somekid2021 May 29, 2017
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A melon that you currently have possession of.
Hey is that melan?
by YTSizzleStreams May 19, 2019
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An Individual who exhibits their Melanism in the most naturally, high degree creative and magically rhythmic format.
"What she does only someone so Melanical could do!" - A Dancer for instance, who is so amazing with their self taught, never trained performance.

"You bad! You Melanical Man!" - A Street Dancer or Artist. A Rapper a designer who is self taught no degree or taught through systematic schooling.
by Melanic Coolection September 22, 2012
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