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A black guy in straya that just wants some of your petrol you find them around centrelink with one thong.
Mate look at all the fricken abos around centrelink
by NOCH February 19, 2015
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Abo is an abbreviation for Alpha Beta and Omega in an AU where humans have animalistic instincts in which Alphas are above all and Omegas are at the bottom of the chain
I was reading this ABO fan fic the other day
by Fangirl hoe November 02, 2018
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An extremely pejorative word for an indigenous Australian - an aborigine. DON'T USE IT! IT IS REALLY DEROGATORY!
Imbecile: Look, it's an abo!
Non-cretin: You're a cretin!
by Non-Cretin June 03, 2005
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Two syllable contraction for "abortion" or "abort".
Me: I got Trisha pregnant again, but we're handling it...

FRIEND: For, real?

Me: Yeah, A-Bo.

CO-WORKER: This project is FUBAR, it's hopeless...

ME: Yeah, let's A-Bo.
by PolishRocket December 07, 2010
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Stands for AIDS BY OSMOSIS. This is the passing of aids from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration, through a partially permiable membrane. Usually used to refer to a particularly slaggy person who, you might imagine, may have taken quite a few jizz shots in the face ie. bukakke! Or who might have regular contact with other men's semen.
One might say:
"dat slag is such a hoe dat she must have caught A.B.O."

"Ur mum's such a hoe dat she caught A.B.O. twice on the same day!"
by DnB_Pirate September 05, 2008
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