what you get if you type lol on a laptop with num lock turned on.

similar to kik and ;p; (which are what you get when you type lol to the left or the right respectively.
Geoff: omg my cat died today :'(
Dave: 363
by Tommmmmmmmmm September 10, 2007
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Another way to say LOL. Commonly use when the Num Lock key is on or "FN" is pressed while the letters LOL is typed out. Originated in the #ModMyiPhone chat on the irc.moofspeak.net server.
Phiberglass: 363
jtrwallace|Mobile: 363 she doesnt know
Jamie: yes
MSFTH8R: liar
digitalkid_:whats the secret code
MSFTH8R: 363!!!
Jamie: What secrect code
Jamie: I feel so left out
Jedibugs: 363 is the new LOL
by Phiberglass September 11, 2007
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Rule #363 of the internet goes: "if it exists, there is an FNF mod about it" FNF is short for Friday Night Funkin' a rhythm game
This character is cool, is there an FNF mod about it? No. Well, rule #363 inti action.
by Miksi0784 July 31, 2022
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How some site interpret the word 'yuko' with a 'U' that has a Macron above it.
yūko - another example why some people hate computers
by Jonathan Bass February 23, 2008
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