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Ruehl No.925 is a "Grown up" version of Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister advertising toward people that have grown out of the Abercrombie stages. They offer similar clothing to that of A&F at a higher pricer. You could compare them to the Ezra Fitch line Abercrombie offered a while back. The brand name is from a fictions story of German immigrant with the last name of Ruehl and his address was No. 925 Greenwich Street New York, New York, and the stores themselves replicate homes on Greenwich Street in New York during the earlier half of the 20th century, some stores are even divided into 3 homes starting you off at No.923 Greenwich Street, then to No.924, then Finally No.925, Inside you will find bookshelves with antiqued books, fine art, and Music. They do not offer online purchasing because the store itself is an experience to go into, and is fun just to walk in and not buy anything. The lighting is very dim and the stores are very classy so don't go walking in with a wife beater on. They do not associate themselves with the preppy look of A&F and Hollister but instead are much more conservative and sell less if any "destroyed Look" cloth's, In the past year they have lowered prices to be more in line with A&F but still cost about 40% higher, to put it in easy terms the "upscale factor" would go Hollister then Abercrombie then Ruehl No.925. As a buyer from all three stores I would say that Ruehl does add more quality features to their clothing then A&F. Just so you know I am not a prep or punk or anything like that, just a person who knows how to dress right and also shops at Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, etc.
person 1: I'm not going to Ruehl 925, they're stuff is the same as A&F but higher priced,
Person 2: But
Person 1: But what?
Person 2: The clothing is nicer and higher quality,the store is much nicer and it's a nicer experience.
Person 1: Alright Lets Go!!!
by clothing guy September 01, 2006
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