The number 249 is the number 249. Its less than 472 and greater than 24. It's also divisible by three which is pretty neat.
-Hey, what's 83 multiplied by 3?
-Umm... I think it's 249.
-Thanks man.
-No problem
by ProffesionalSloucher February 1, 2017
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Song by 24 pap from mosby court projects
Pap :: 249 it sound like time
by daydaytoopiped November 22, 2021
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Person 1 "Dude why are your (insert Social Media here) Friends so horny?"

Person 2 "Dude, I don't know what you expected, I you about Rule 249."

Person 1 "Yeah you're right I guess... I shouldn't be surprised, really"

-Discord is a prime suspect of being a part of Rule 249
by FactorBep December 22, 2020
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