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Term describes someone who, while out at a restaurant with a group, receives their meal after everyone at the table has already been served.

Can only be used to describe a situation where everyone at the table receives their food, and server must go back to kitchen to get the last dish.
(Server brings out food for everyone but Chris)

Chad says: "You just got Abbotted."
Chris says: "God dammit."
by Sn0w13allz July 29, 2009
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The process used by Australia's Federal Government, led by Tony Abbott, to reverse a legal marriage between same sex couples.

'On 12.12.13, the High Court unanimously struck down the ACT's gay marriage laws.

The decision meant that about two dozen week-old marriages have no legal effect.

About 20 couples were married to date under the ACT's laws, and their marriages are now considered as not being legal.'

The term to describe any breach of human rights in Australia under the current Federal Government is also known as 'Abbotting'.
'Man, we got married last weekend, and then we got Abbotted.'

'There are 108 children in detention across Australia - they've been Abbotted.'
by Some Kind of Superstar December 11, 2013
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To, despite all the evidence on the contrary telling you to do the the opposite, (including hard scientific evidence and basically being a decent normal human being), you embark on a set of actions that totally Cluster F**k Things up.
Verb: Abottion.
Since coming into power as Prime Minister of Australia, Tony has really Abbotted that one up.
by OzzyAye February 24, 2014
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