One of the Wu Tang Clan's members who has recently died. Peace.
by Bazz November 16, 2004
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There are two definitions of ODB:

1. Ol' Dirty Bastard: the stage name of American rap artist Russell Tyrone Jones. Jones was a prominent member of Wu-Tang Clan and also had a successful solo career. He died in 2004 of an accidental overdose.

2. One Dirty Bitch: the stage name of female professional wrestler Jessica Kresa who currently (April 2009) performs in TNA Wrestling. The ODB gimmick is that of a crude, whiskey drinking redneck.
1. "I don't have no trouble with you fuckin' me/ But I got a little problem with you not fuckin' me" 'Got Your Money' - ODB

2. Mike Tenay: "Oh my god! ODB just crashed right into Gail Kim!"

Don West: "It backfired!"
by Jim Fear April 17, 2009
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ODB is an acronym for “out door bang”. It is sex. Outside. Outside sex. Having sex outside. Banging outdoors. Getting it on in the woods. On a rock, at the beach, against a tree, whatever your preferred technique or location as long as it is taking place outside you can refer to it as an ODB.
*At a nice spot OUTSIDE watching the sunset with a person you have sex with*
You: “Hey this is nice let’s ODB.”
Them: “Wait what’s ODB?”
You: “Out door bang, pull down your pants.”
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Used as a nickname or initials, often refers to the man with a plan,baller,or a GOD in his prime .
at first he will be that mystery guy that no one knows about until you go deeper to find that he is lighthearted, handsome ,intelligent and flawless. Usually knows how t get a party started and can turn any girls watt pad fantasy to reality as he god at stroking and a freak in bed .
Girl 1:ODB is just so charismatic

Girl 2:I know he s just so handsome
by 145rg January 31, 2019
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Old Dude Boyfriend: the name given to men who are unwittingly dating high school girls. Typically men in their late 20s and early 30s who can't see through excuses like "you can't come over, my roommate is a sociopath/nympho/klepto" or "I spend so much time with my mother because I just really value family ties!"
"Hi, I'm Anna, and this is my Old Dude Boyfriend Kent!"

"I had to tell my ODB that I couldn't hang out with him tonight because my goldfish had a heart attack. I'm starting to run out of fake pets."
by Kandy Kane November 28, 2012
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Used to stand for Ol' Dirty Bastard, member of the Wu Tang Clan. Since his death in 2004, it stands for Ol' Dead Body.
A: Have you ever heard this track by ODB?
B: Ol' Dead Body!
A: Shut up.
by OminousT October 24, 2010
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