AvP refers to anything that the speaker already knows and is old news.

AvP is the abbreviation for "Aliens vs. Predator" and refers to the old AvP VIDEO GAME (not the movies) from 1999 which, by this point, is pretty much old news.
Dude: "Hey man, did you hear that they're filming that new Clash of the Titans movie?"

You: "Yeah, dude, that sh!t's totally AvP."
by Commander Buttons September 14, 2010
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Anal and Vaginal Penetration - this is the same as the shocker but you put two fingers in each end and keep the thumb free for the bean!
She'd get A.V.P. until she cums like a river!
by BeastoBot January 03, 2008
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The only movie that ever made me cry.
I walked out of the theature in tears after watching Avp.
by Gerbilweebies February 25, 2005
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v. To beat someone senseless, see ron artest. Referencing the film; Alien versus Predator
Mitch: Eh, let me get one of your beers
Me: If you touch my beer, I'll go avp on your ass!
by roller April 22, 2005
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The acronym for Artist Vs Poet, a five-piece pop punk band from Dallas, Texas consisting of Tarcy Thomason (vocals), Craig Calloway (guitar), Jason Dean (bass), Joe Kirkland (guitar), and Joe Westbrook (drums). Frequently, there are two amazing fans commonly known as Anyssa and Audrey who, on a regular basis, comment the members' MySpaces. The band's tour manager is Milton Dean, a sheep. When Jason forgets Milton at home, they often replace him with Jacoby, a hippo.
Audrey: OH MAN did you know AVP got Twitters?!
Anyssa: YEAH! And Milton has one too. He always talks about what a fail Jason is.
Audrey: Pft, who needs AVP when you've got Jacoby!
by nessa_all_over December 26, 2008
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Alien Versus Predator... a kick ass movie. The stupid humans need the predators to kill all of the aliens that the stupid predators created in ancient times to use as target practice. Back then, if the 3 predators trying toprove their might died, a giant beam would shoot down to earth and destroy everything so the aliens couldnt escape.
I watched AVP 14 times.
by Q-Y January 23, 2005
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