The TOTALLY AWESOME sequel to A Very Potter Musical which now has Umbridge, Firenze, Luna, Lupin, Rita, and Sirius! All new songs and dance are included as this sequel is in the setting of Harry Potter and friends FIRST year! That's right, they're going back in time for this one!
(or in this case, going back to Hogwarts!)
If you thought the first one was awesome, you'll want to feed yourselves to Aragog's children for this one!
And if you don't know what that last sentence was, it's all in the sequel, along with RED VINES and more! :D
1st person: *finishes watching the musical* "wow that was TOTALLY AWESOME! What should I do now??"

2nd person: "you know they made a sequel right? It's called A Very Potter Sequel and it's also very TOTALLY AWESOME!"

1st: *watches sequel and dies of happiness*
by Mandy14 October 2, 2010