A class taken by many high school students to avoid taking Calculus. Little do they know, it's merely the unaborted result of a drunken one night stand between Math and English that inherited the ugly traits from both of it's parents. This little shit is deceptive. Students will enter the class with high hopes, but as the year progresses they slowly tumble into the black pit of never ending despair and existential dread as they realize that nothing can save them from the void of misery that is the approaching AP Exam.
Student 1: I'm going to avoid taking Calculus by taking AP Statistics.

Student 2: Good luck, fam. I'll pray for you.
by I_dont_like_sand_ November 10, 2016
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The class that uninformed students take in attempt to avoid AP Calculus.
Students begin the year with high hopes, learning about simple probability distributions and elementary data calculations. Around the time the "oh, I don't need to try in this class" attitude sets in, the course picks up and students are slammed with the first difficult concept of the course: Proprties of Linear Regression. While many students can handle this unit, many fall behind and begin contemplating suicide. As the class progresses into Experimental Design and probability models, students are overwhelmed with continuous stress and tears. The concepts are too abstract and students may begin feeling as though the work is pointless. Around this time, they give up.
Shortly after the giving up phase, the class takes a turn to the topic of Inference, which no one actually knows anything about because everyone's sleeping. Confidence Intervals and T-Tests are emphasized. The dreaded Chi-Square tests end the course before the halting AP Exam, and the students are pounded with THE most difficult and grueling AP Examination offered and again get a final taste of how hopeless they really are. After the AP Exam, AP Stats students generally fall to become depressed because this class has quite frankly screwed up their minds. They begin noticing flaws in data all around the world and can't fathom exactly WHY they care.. they have been brainwashed by the one, and the only.. AP Stats.
Jake: Hey dude why are you so down?

Ryan: I just got out of AP Statistics class. Today we did Confidence Intervals for the difference of two proportions and my mind's in a whirl and I can't stop thinking about how my suicide will effect the standard deviation of the US life expectancy.. And the spread of the districution will become skewed right and...

Jake: (interrupts) .....
by MoonWonder May 19, 2010
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An actual intresting class where the class average at a smart school where sat scores are 1100 range you get a 70% but is the epitome of confusion if you dont instantly understand and remember all possible ways the data given can be used and must always say approximently or its wrong at least AP test is ok
by APUSHTheGodOfDeath October 13, 2016
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A laughably easy class, most who take it are those too afraid to take calc so yeah, 90% of the class are math-impaired idiots. The purpose of stats is to be a joke class like apes. The tests are taken directly from the internet so enter in a few key words the night before and you already have the answer key. A very large majority of the class cheats on the tests which may be the reason for the incredibly high averages aside from its "difficulty". And plus, there's no homework. The only drawback is that the class does almost no preparation for the AP exam in May so unless you actually treat the class like a real one (which is totally unnecessary for the class itself) you're basically screwed.
Typical AP Statistics conversations:
Student A: OMG that test was so hard! How did you get a perfect score on it?
Student B: It's online...I typed in "chi-squared regression test" on google last night and I found the answer key..."
Student A: sh*t

Student C: I'm wondering if I should take stats instead of calc. How was the class? How did you do on it?
Student D: I got A's both semesters but I got a 2 on the exam...
by Asian Abomination December 31, 2013
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the unwanted lovechild of math and english.
i hate ap statistics
by jellybean121 October 8, 2009
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A division of math that requires much writing and analytical thought. Taken by AP nerds, those hellbent on going to the 'best' colleges, or by those with a masochistic streak. Can be taken in place of Caluculus, or, for those who really enjoy self-punishment, concurrently. Mostly taken by seniors.
I'm taking Statistics AP this year because I don't feel like taking Calc AP, but my year wouldn't be hellish enough without it.
by Ms. Midori February 18, 2009
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