The "dramatic" conclusion to an AP class; usually taken by high school students. Depending on the teacher and the class, the content on the tests may come as a surprise or be completely expected. Some teachers completely freak out about preparing their students, while others pass it off as bullshit. Students taking the tests are usually strung out on aderall and caffeine, both the night before and the day of the test. Because college credits are awarded for a high score, it generally puts a lot of pressure on students to feel like they have actually made use of taking these shitty classes. It's almost always a huge relief when they're over.
AP Student: I've been strung out on adderall for days and I'm still going to fail this AP exam!!!
by BLZBWLS420ADA May 4, 2009
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The 2020 AP Exams were administered online because of the coronavirus. Everyone must take the exam at the same time in the entire world and 1-2 FRQ questions in 45 minutes decides if you get the credit or not.

Even though the SAT, ACT, and basically the rest of high school had been cancelled, CollegeBoard claims to still keep the exam in the middle of COVID-19 to grant students credit, but we all know that it's because they want student's money.
AP Student in US: Bruh the 2020 AP Exams start tomorrow, and I learned nothing from online school.
AP Student in Asia: At least you don't have to take it at 4 AM.
by clothestocommunity May 13, 2020
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A 45-minute online DBQ/FRQ determining if you are getting college credit for the class you took all year. One of the most stressful times in a student's life and even if you do finish it on time, your answers won't submit so all that work was for nothing and you are going to get a 0.
"Hey, Caitlyn, did your exam submit?"
"No, did your's?"
"Nope, these 2020 AP Exams are really kicking our asses"
by Let me sleep May 26, 2020
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The real baller ap exam is to find out if you are a baller. A real baller doesn't show up.
Hey, what were your results on the real baller ap exam?

I showed up 20 minutes late and got an A-
by GRCC June 4, 2009
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A test that only 2 people got a 5 on in my Title 1 school because everyone else that took it has room temperature IQ
by PutinDRasputin October 19, 2022
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