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Different from leetspeak, AOL speak involves shortening words to the smallest form possible, such as shortening "you" and "your" to "u" and "ur."

It often is seen over other messaging programs, and it also is seen on internet message boards, much to the chagrin of readers who dislike the laziness associated with not typing the additional characters in longer posts, as the text becomes impossible to read.
"Your fly is down," translated: "ur fly is dn."
by Billfred January 30, 2005
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adj. used to describe crappy writing for people who are too bored to type out the whole sentence. can be seen as the degression of talk. for we have gone from saying highschool to school to skewl to skwl and now we are at "shit" Can be seen the generations hyroglyphics but is rather seen as the stupid writing that takes 10 minuets do decode if you have not studied it. Generally used by people who want to type faster then their friend but end up typing a usless form of skrawl.
typical usage words: lol, rofl, lmao, gtg, ttyl, brb, afk, omg, omfg, wtf, dn, skl and such...
typical AOL speak: lmao, ha funi shit, u be sey rofl cnt fukn get over dat... omfg wtf my fukn tech wnt nw? she a bitch! wll gtg, ttyl, brb, l8rz!
by Rat Allen May 19, 2005
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A frightfully common way of speech that has no lower case letters, and no formal guidelines for grammar or spelling. Commonly used by AOLers. A variant of n00bspeak.

(Do not confuse with the more structured and less annoying L33Tspeak)

by JiaXue September 15, 2003
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A typing language similar to hacker speak where you replace normal letters with their innacurate and altogether fucked up counter parts. Often used in conjunction with Caps Speak, where every second letter is capitalized (example LoL tAhT iS SoOoOoO kYuElL). Unendingly irritating and pointless since you can type out what you're trying to say with regular uncapitalized letters faster and with greater understanding of their meaning.
A typical MSN conversation:
"?Γ“?Β§ §çhÖø£¿"
"Dude, don't use AOL speak..."
by realmcmeal January 16, 2004
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A form of communication originally created by 12 year old girls using AOL Instant Messenger. Unfortunately this form of communication has spread and is now widely used, and is the parent language of other forms - such as leet (1337), and txt-spk.
lol, rofl, lmfao, roflcopter, omg!!!111"1!, omfg!!1!212!!1one, wot, wat, hu, lo, wtf, fo, and so on...
by Purple Man May 16, 2005
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