2 definitions by Billfred

A very smelly person who likes peanuts, caterpillars and long walks in the swamp. she idolises bill fred as a god and wants to be just like her. she certainly does rock socks, but thats about it.
"captain bob you are my hero."
by Billfred July 21, 2004
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Different from leetspeak, AOL speak involves shortening words to the smallest form possible, such as shortening "you" and "your" to "u" and "ur."

It often is seen over other messaging programs, and it also is seen on internet message boards, much to the chagrin of readers who dislike the laziness associated with not typing the additional characters in longer posts, as the text becomes impossible to read.
"Your fly is down," translated: "ur fly is dn."
by Billfred January 30, 2005
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