6 definitions by Rat Allen

adj. used to describe the effects after picking your nose too long; can be used seperatly.
Wow you have a huge nose!

Wow thats some grusome scar!

OW SHIT! I got a scar in my nose!
by Rat Allen May 18, 2005
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noun. a new and clever way in torturing kids that was made 1000's of years ago on the sole purpose of understanding our universe. little did the creator know, he had truly unleashed the worlds biggest terror which has left the largest impact on our society. in comparison to the holocost, world war 1 and 2, and bush, algebra screws them all. This form of torture shall reign throught our nation for centuries until it is discoverd to be desguised as a clever learning experince but really has no shitty reason at all.
ive had bad nightmares of being chased, hunted down, wounded by arrows, then sliced to death which was pretty terrifing as I woke up in a swet, but when I dreamed about algebra and the fear of repeating it, my bed was soaked in swet. what a novel idea of torture. the inquisiton is up there but not near. chinese water torture comes close. but if you were really to compare algebra to other methods of torture, the other methods would be the tortis and the hare on race day. and algebra would be the man who shot them and had them for dinner.
by Rat Allen May 19, 2005
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noun. Someone who chokes on a pretzel. Someone who cannot pronounce most words in the English language properly.
A monkey in disguise who has somehow managed to get his way to the top through propaganda, lies and money, oh yes, a SHIT load of money. Overall one of the worlds biggest rednecks who has disgrased America for the world to see, and is supported by other rednecks and money.
Bush obiviously never played risk as a kid, otherwise he would know your not allowed to take over the middle of asia even though it has a +7 men counter. THERE IS NO DAMN PATHWAY! In the next bush administration meeting, (consisting of rednecks and corrupt polotitions who care nothing of either bush or the nation) they must start playing Risk so that they don't fuk up this war too much. O shit... too late its fuked!
by Rat Allen May 18, 2005
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adj. used to describe crappy writing for people who are too bored to type out the whole sentence. can be seen as the degression of talk. for we have gone from saying highschool to school to skewl to skwl and now we are at "shit" Can be seen the generations hyroglyphics but is rather seen as the stupid writing that takes 10 minuets do decode if you have not studied it. Generally used by people who want to type faster then their friend but end up typing a usless form of skrawl.
typical usage words: lol, rofl, lmao, gtg, ttyl, brb, afk, omg, omfg, wtf, dn, skl and such...
typical AOL speak: lmao, ha funi shit, u be sey rofl cnt fukn get over dat... omfg wtf my fukn tech wnt nw? she a bitch! wll gtg, ttyl, brb, l8rz!
by Rat Allen May 19, 2005
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adj. Used to describe mulitple situations involving pain, grades, and siblings.
(after walking into a door twice) Ugh! your such a stoopid idiot! (refer to stoopid for definition)
Ugh! im such a dumb fark I failed!
(after tripping on own bed sheets after getting out of bed) UGH!
by Rat Allen May 18, 2005
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adj. used to describe someone who pulled of an incredible move with back breaking stunts;(to people who didn't like the matrix) another defnintion for, "you did cool moves but your love life SUCKS!"
OMFG that was nice shit right there, you so went neo on those paintballs!

Wow, you just went neo on her you dumb fark.
by Rat Allen May 18, 2005
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