Anime Maniacs United.
A chatgroup where people can chatplay anime , manga , games , comic , and original characters.
Located on
It's a great place to hang out and chat with friends and roleplay.
' Hey , did you go to AMU today ? '
' Sure thing ! '
by Muw. July 1, 2009
A really hot guy, who loves to have fun. Loves sports and is all around really cool guy
New kid: My names amue
All the girls: OMG He is so hot
by Hotkid69 June 2, 2020
Funniest yet weirdest person you’ll meet
Ayo amues said Kelick
by Ayoooo April 24, 2019
The baddest bitch of them all
You're such a amue. Thanks I know I'm the baddest bitch of the all
by hsamueld654 April 27, 2020
Used in chemistry: atomic mass unit.
The atomic weight is 12.017 amu.
by carbon12amu March 11, 2008
The greatest name ever invented. It completely sums up how extraordinarily strange one is. Amu is a species of it's own. It probably has a sexual disease. If you see an Amu, either capture it or kill it on the spot.
"Amu kicked my ball over the wall'
"Frickin amuuuuuu!!!!"
by Bigshlongdingdong May 8, 2020