The program that got the worst rating of four instant messaging clients recently reviewed by PC Magazine. See monopoly.
AIM got three starts, while ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo! Got four. Most people use it just because their friends have it.
by Flyashi November 09, 2003
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What most adults blame for ruing today's youth. For I'd like to say that AIM isn't a breeding for pedophiles. You cannot meet people over AIM. Only talk to your friends that you already know their screenname. So, mabe you should learn about it before blaming it.
AIM is a instant messenging program that allows people to communicate without having to hear each other's annoying voice.
Parent: I'm not letting my little Susie on AIM. It's ruining America. It's a breeding ground for pedophiles, just last week a man tryed to assualt her on AIM-
Non-Ignorant Person: Ugh. You lieing. AIM is only a instant messenger, not a chatroom. Mabe your little Susie is just a slut.
by fallengod9 January 26, 2008
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John: L11<3, 0M6 1>001>, 1 7074lly 73h <yB31231> 01\1 A41/\/\ 1457 /\/173! (Translation: Oh my God, I sent instant messages back and forth over AIM with a 50 year old obese male postal worker acting out sex last night.)
Ted: Rape time!
John: /\/000000000000000!!!!!!!!1111ONE! (Translation: No!)
by Spastic Turtle October 20, 2005
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AOL Instant Messenger. Free online text communication program. See also IM.
Are you on AIM or ICQ?
Sorry I didn't get back to you, my AIM was all fucked up last night.
by Anonymous May 08, 2003
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1.) AOL Instant Messenger
Just another system for Instant messaging, run by AOL. I use it, and it works okay. AIM is just the acronym for the full word, same as YIM, for Yahoo Instant Messenger.
Sally: AIM me tonight.
Jill: What? I only have AOL instant messenger..
Sally: Thats's what I mean, AIM stands for AOL Instant messenger!
Jill: Ok, talk to you tonight.
by Fishie_gurl July 17, 2008
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AOL's attempt to look genereous.. but if you've ever thought about how much money they get from that one little advertisement at the top of your buddylist, you'd realize it's just buisness as usual.
"'Scandinavian 2x4' is by far the by far the best AIM sn ever.
by Scandinavian 2x4 November 17, 2003
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1) Acronym for AOL Instant Messanger.


A basic and easy to use IM That Most people online seem to have. Given out to all AOL customers, who, due to the large number of them, encourage everyone else to get it. astalavista has about 50 hacktools for this piece of shit on their own website, not including what you may find elsewhere. It's simple shit for simple people (Your generic AOL customer is a simple person), that has dire file transfer, abismal warnings that take about a minute to get to the max 35% (unless you got a hack), and a rather annoying tendancy to say every name you try and get at www.aim.com is already taken, and will always suggest you pollute your uber name with numbers, or cut out some vowels.

2) To point a projectile weapon at a certain object, with the point of hitting it

3) A goal.
1) Aim is retarded, but everyone else has it so I got it.

2) Take aim.... FIRE!!!

3) Your aim this academic year ought to be straight B's, but based on last year, we expect a few A's.
by Gumba Gumba February 28, 2004
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