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An Instant messenger and only good thing ever created by America Online. It has nice, easy to configure preferences and Supports certificate encryption.
It also has a nice file transfer resume option in case your connection drops you can resume from where the file was last at. Yahoo always seems to drop file transfers over a certain size and MSN will not transfer anything over 100Mb in Size.

Most people complain about programs they do not know how to use. well duh!!! its easier to complain and badmouth something then to try it. Its like those people who say thier internet connection sucks because it is running slower, and they blame the isp just to find out that they have a shitload of spyware taking over thier internet explorer.

Nowhere in this Aim thread has anyone truly posted any bugs supporting thier claim. Little advice: Learn to use a computer and all its apps.
If you don't know anything about it then don't preach it.
Aim is also free only because of thier ads.
by Shrader September 14, 2006

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A fairly reliable system contrary to public belief. Most people have problems with Dells and ALL OTHER computers as HP, Compaq , ect. because they need to learn how to properly operate, maintain and secure thier computers.

Dell computers use the Intel boards and chips that prove to be cheap yet reliable. My Dell computer has been running 5 years strait, i never turn it off execpt for an occasional reboot or the power goes out and nothing on my Dell has failed yet.

It is true that the Intel boards that they use lack the ability to upgrade somewhat. They do not supply an AGP slot for vid cards and their cases do not supply a spare slot for a 2nd Hard Drive.

When ordering you should know what you need or your sure to get ripped, not by Dell, but by yourself.

Celeron chips are cripled Pentium chips and are for office apps, not gamming like the Pentium series, know how much memmory your apps need, know how much ram your video card needs to support and how much Hard Drive space you need. Knowing these basis is a good start in selecting a system.

Also be carefull, it is true that Dell Tech support is not excellet or anywhere close to adequate, although this could be because of rules implemented on the tech support team by the company rather then the support group themselves. But if you know how to operate and troubleshoot you do not need tech support.
Jhon > What type of comp did you get
Elroy > i got a dell P4 2.8ghz
Jhon > dude dell sucks
Elroy > i know how to operate a system, you can barley find the on switch! so how would you know?
by Shrader September 14, 2006

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A generally overpraised and overpriced sound card that dies after a week if your lucky enough to get it to install properly.
Jhon: ( Static )
Tim: "Still no sound man"
Jhon: (Static)
Tim: "I think its Time for the third SoundBlaster this month man"
by Shrader July 27, 2006

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A Phone/Internet company that contracts everything out, ticks off customers with thier low end horrid service and expects thier tech support to fix every problem with the multiple thousands of "out of boundry" rules that they impose on thier agents.
Tech > Verizon Tech support how may i help you thisevening?
Customer > i am having a problem with your software.
Tech > Can't help ya sir, please call your computer vendor.
by Shrader August 13, 2006

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