Something that commonly contains many other aim names, but are also commonly rarely talked to.
Person: I have 126 names in my aim buddy list, but only chat with 5 of them on a regular basis. The rest, however, barely if ever.
by Katopolis December 22, 2004
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Another good excuse for not asking someone out in person.
Bill: I heard you asked Anna out...over AIM.
David: Well, um...she was online so I justed decided I should get it over with.
Bill: Wow, you're really dumb. Oh, and by the way, I heard she rejected you.
by Eduardo Santiago April 18, 2008
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Instant messanger service and software.

The software sucks. Don't download it. It runs as slow as a turtle and displays all kinds of ads and contains spyware. Use Trillian instead to prevent frustration and viruses.
SHIT. AIM comes with Viewpoint Media Player. Aw crap more popups.
by 1069 October 24, 2005
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the program sent from hell. allows for conversation containing that which one may never say in real life, thus creating the fakest of fake relationships. Also is the source of savvy language so lame it is sad. (e.g. gtg my bff, jk but brb, i gtg rotf cuz lol im lmao now ttyl ttfn.)
aim can suck on it, long and hard
by Turd Furgeson October 09, 2003
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Most Popular Instant Messageing program amongst teens that adults and "intelligent people" bash because teens use a lot of aconyms like brb (be right back) or ttyl (talk to you later) now seriously would you want to be writing a four word pharse or just type 4 letters while your probably on the phone and talking to like 5 different people teens jsut dont have time....so think about it
AIM convorsation

Teen: yea ill bbl ttys
Teen2: k cu soon

*parent walks in* "type like a normal person!"
by whitty41 May 07, 2006
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A chat prog that every teen seems to have. Most AIM chat rooms talk about:

-sup! a/s/l/pic
-IM a hott age/sex, press ## if you want to chat
teen 1: Dude! catch ya on AIM
teen 2: K Dude

by dot dot dot July 13, 2003
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The worst Instant Messanger ever, people only use it because everyone else has AIM, and the reason they do is because everyone else does.
On AIM, our avatars are uber tiny and this program makes my computer run like a turtle . . . with turtleitus.
by FlareNUKE October 09, 2006
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