Average Handle Time or in other words the time it takes to really piss off a customer.
by dbowney November 16, 2002
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1) I'm such an AHT right now, I want you in my bed, naked, at this very second.

2) It sucks being an AHT; I can't get any work done in class, my boner is killing me!
by AOblige09 March 4, 2012
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Acronym for “Agreed Huge Time”.
Dude 1: This is the worst movie I’ve ever seen in my entire life.
Dude 2: AHT
by Dray’s Dictionary July 25, 2022
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Ebonics meaning "no." Lol, usually used me a black authority figure towards a child or a fool.
Child in store: *grabs toy and snack* "Mommy can I--?"
Mom: " AHT AHT, I told you not to ask for anything when we come in this store...PUT IT BACK"
by Tharealbabyrach February 25, 2019
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the word hate, but typed wrong, so you don't know if the person wants to say ate or hate. Or a combination of the two.
Ohmygod i ahte that guy he's so wierd.

I ahte pasta.
by Celeste H January 27, 2007
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Pittsburgh-ese for "out."
"Check it aht."
"Peace aht"
by Trump July 2, 2004
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you just misspelled hate because you were typing to fast, shame on you
person one:I was just given a lecture on how to clean
person two:Don't you ahte it when they lecture you
by spongeman square bob November 21, 2020
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