The Toyota AE86/Hachi-roku is a small and light FR (Front engine, rear wheel drive) corolla that was manufactured from 1983-1987 and was popular for drifting. The AE86 had a 2 door coupe and a 3 door hatchback version. It also had two front bumper versions as well, the Levin and the Sprinter Trueno. The Levin had fixed headlights and the Trueno had pop-up headlights (Note: Pop-up headlights are cool as hell and need to come back). The AE86 weighed only 2,300 lbs and had a weight ratio of 50:50, making handling predictable and easy. The Hachi-roku was powered by a inline four 4A-GE engine making 128 horsepower with a 5 speed manual or a 4 speed automatic and a live rear axial. This car has grown in popularity due to the anime Initial D where the main character Takumi Fujiwara drives his sprinter trueno against other street racers. It has also been driven by the drift king himself, Keiichi Tsuchiya (who popularized the sport of drifting). The 86 later went on to inspire its successor which was developed by Toyota and Subaru. This new car was called the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S in North America but was called the Toyota 86/GT86 in Japan.

All hail the king of drifting cars and tofu delivering.
The AE86 is a JDM legend and is the king of drifting.
by AllosaurusFragilis February 23, 2019
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A lightweight sports car that Toyota manufactured in 1984-87 and had a cult following in Japan. This car was introduced to America as a rear-wheel drive Corolla, where it didn't become popular until a couple of things happened. One of those things would be drifting, the other is Initial D, a show from Japan that combined computer animation and Japamese Animation(Anime). The downside of the newfound popularity for these cars is that too many minors without money want one.
That guy replaced his rear axle on his AE86 today. Tomorrow he will use it to make little Anime-freak kids jealous.
by GBM April 18, 2004
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The AE86 is a Corolla made by Toyota. It is a Rear Wheel Drive, lightweight and cheap vehicle that was marketed from 1983 to 1987. It is powered by a 4AGE and a 5 speed manual or a 4 speed automatic.
This vehicle in pop culture, is popular with the likes of the anime manga series called Initial D in which the protaganist, Takumi Fujiwara, drives down and up the twisty mountain roads of mount akina (or mount haruna in real life).

The AE86 was also used in motorsports and rallying. Even Keiichi Tsuchiya has one as it is cheap and reliable (back in the day).
The AE86 is amazing!
Fuck this weeaboo shit AE86! ITS JUST A COROLLA DAMN IT
by dkskillz June 3, 2019
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1986 corolla. many consider this to be the original drift car. not enough power on the stock engine but the light chasis makes the car have very good potential when engine work is done right
yea.. i have an ae86. I don't have vtec but can you drift in that pos?
by wizkah April 5, 2010
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Rear wheel drive Toyota Corolla produced in the years of 1984 -1987.
by Anonymous May 13, 2003
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the best car in the world.
From c33w at
by Anonymous May 12, 2003
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weeaboo: I LOVE INITIAL D!!!!!
me: Dude it's just an AE86.
weeaboo: ITS TAKUMI'S AE86!!
by MEGA OOOF November 3, 2018
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