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Better known as "FR-S," is a rear wheel drive sports car jointly developed by Subaru and Toyota which was released and sold to the public in mid-2012. The origin of the car came about in 2009 from the Toyota FT86 concept. The Scion FR-S is the production model of the said concept. The Scion FR-S is the exclusive North American variant of the Toyota 86 or GT86 (sold internationally) On the other hand, Subaru's own variant is called the Subaru BRZ. The main difference between the two is the design of the front lower fascia and headlights, apart from minor technical tweaks and interior setups.

Scion's acronym for the FR-S is "Front-engine, Rear wheel drive, Sport" but has also been called "Fricken Really Sweet" and most likely informally called "Fricken Really Slow" due to the car's lack in horsepower and torque compared to other cars in its price range.

However, what most average joes do not understand is that the car is intended to be as balanced as possible, which is evident by having a lower center of gravity then a Ferrari 458 Italia, and also being very light in terms of weight. As a result, the superb handling overshadows the lack of power, which is why real driving enthusiasts (and some average joes) would choose to buy this car.

The hype of the car is a result of the long absence of a lightweight affordable sports car, apart from the Mazda Miata/MX-5.
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Wow! I saw the new Scion FR-S on the highway earlier!
by Scionfrs August 21, 2012
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