ADV: All Day Vape. This is a term used by vapers to signify that an eliquid flavor is suitable to be vaped all day as your main flavor. Usually more sutle tobacco flavors and not really fruity ones.
Have you tried the new AppleWood Tobacco? It's my new ADV
by Vapor S. Thompson December 16, 2010
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ADVenture Rider, being of dual-sport or sport touring in nature. Someone that travels substantial distances on a motorcycle.
I'm an ADV (ad-ive) rider.
by whrami October 13, 2017
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Distributer of Anime, Manga and Sci-Fi titles.
Otaku: ADV just released Milk-Chan volume3. You gonna buy?
Other Otaku: Naw, I'll watch it on Adult Swim.
by fred-of-fred November 18, 2004
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Acrid Death Vagina. A vagina smelling of canned tuna and dead hampsters.
Wow, That girl's ADV almost drove me to strangle myself with the condom.
by Karstag May 18, 2008
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when nothing fits in
cure: snip and sew!
Ali was unable to have sex because she had ADV
by DeformedVagina February 20, 2011
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Usually used in roleplay terms for 'advanced literature' and is not semi-lit.
Tedcruz33: I rn 4 prez

Donny77: This is adv lit. Use correct everything!
by Funguslips December 7, 2016
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Intentional unauthorized absence from work. The term typically describes absences caused by a worker of their own free will, and usually does not refer to legitimate "excused" absences.
"Steve's not at work today, he called in a Jay-Day adv because he just didn't feel like coming in"
by Keyframe Employees November 11, 2008
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