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Better writing skills when you 'RP' in a guild or forum. You use puncutation and correct spelling. NOT 'TEXT' TALK!
Mike: da white elf jumpd da pond n laffed

Ben: ((Ok, dude, spell check. This IS a semi-lit forum.))
by Kody133 April 14, 2008
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A term used in RPing, and its referred to as, A response with around a paragraph of information. I distinguish a paragraph to be something with 3+ sentences and that has at least thirty words in it. When they use Semi-Lit format, they usually just turn off their brain to type a easy coherent paragraph or a simple sentence. Leading to terrible grammatical errors and often have zero punctuation or incorrect punctuation.
EX) Then He Thinks about what To wear in the Prom He decides To Wear his Red Formal outfit for the Prom so he Gets it from his closet and he prepares it For the Upcoming prom

My favorite kind of RP format is Semi-Lit.
by Legacy of Kadeem July 23, 2018
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Adjective. Having some fun, but not enough fun to make it memorable.
Danisha and I are gonna get semi-lit before we go to rocky point tomorrow.
by Mr.snooplionthethird March 23, 2017
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