Short for anti depressants. Used to help with depression , anxiety and other mental health illnesses.
My AD’s are the shit dude, swear I feel like I’m on cloud 9!
by bbyangel1003 May 28, 2018
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A life sucking beast that comes before YouTube videos
Oh man those ads wanted me buy things I don't need thank god for the skip ad button!
by Potatosmileyface November 17, 2015
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Gods crown, a lowkey pretty boy that gets a lot of girls and is very charming towards everybody it takes a long time to get him mad but when you piss him off he will beat your ass. He is one of the best at sex he makes girls scream worldwide.
Damn ade sexy asf; he can hit this
by Daethegoat March 13, 2017
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5 seconds of our life wasted while trying to watch the 11-hour version of Pink Fluffy Unicorns. Also is your excuse when caught watching something you shouldn't be seeing.
Mom: What are you watching?! You're only 13!

Me: It's an ad.

Mom: Oh. Carry on. Btw clean your room.
by Captain Lieutenant October 10, 2015
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Something websites put up so they can afford to buy drugs such as cocaine and pot.
Person 1: Why are there so many ads on
Person 2: Because drugs don't come cheap.
Person 1: I see.
by Justingraziano July 28, 2008
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