Already Been Vaporized

This applies to marijuana that's already been smoked in a vaporizer, and has a very low concentration of thc left.

It usually looks very brown.

It won't get you high by smoking/vaporizing it, but if you have a large amount you can still use it to make edibles (like special brownies).
1: I had an ounce of ABV, so I used it to make some cannabutter

2: What you're going to to smoke that? Don't bother, it's ABV
by Juankawada July 26, 2009
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Abbreviation on "Already Been Vaporized/Vaped". A term for, in the cannabis culture, ground cannabis that has already been used once in a vaporizer, for example a Volcano. Usually resembles rough coffee grounds, and smells very faintly like marijuana and some burned aromas. Can be used in cannabis cooking, since vaporizing leaves behind a portion of the cannabinoids (psychoactive ingredient of marijuana).
"Why haven't you saved all of your ABV, you could have mixed that in with the brownie dough! ;)"
by Mary Jane Fun Thyme September 23, 2013
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Anything but Vaccines — Cause of death explanations wildly made up and out of control post Covid-19 vaccine era. Deaths are only allowed to be attributed to "anything but vaccines" (ABV). Heart attacks, strokes, foreign governments, cold water, broken heart, sudden death syndrome and many more unfitting causes of death are being used to explain away all of the deaths that couldn't possibly be from the Covid-19 vaccines. Main stream media are promoting ABV with no regard for facts or truth.
Record new deaths from heart attacks while sleeping from snoring. Falling asleep with the tv on can bring early death. Taller people are more susceptible to new terminal nerve conditions. Solar flares have been discovered to be cause of death to some thousands of people per year scientists say. All these new findings are ABV for sure.
by Styls August 2, 2022
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"Bro, what's the abv on that beer?"

"100% bro."

"Sick, bro! Hold it for me?"
by idklad December 4, 2017
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short for abviously, meaning obviously
used when something is extremely obvious
"Your parents are out of town this weekend?"
"Party at your place?"
"ABV !"
by StEPHWilS0N November 6, 2007
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“Alcohol by volume creep” the phenomenon of distilleries slowly elevating the alcohol by volume of their products to slowly make us COVID-19 zombies during and post the pandemic.
Dude! I though I was only having a couple of beers: but I got killed by the ABV-creep when I blew the bad number on the breathalyzer!
by Swāmi June 26, 2021
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Slang term for cannabis. Originated in Beenham, Berkshire.
Example: Would you like to meet Geoff later? Have you seen Geoff recently?
by Jim February 13, 2005
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